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Mutual of Omaha, one of 2021 best - Forbes Advisor

Mutual of Omaha, one of 2021 best - Forbes Advisor
April 16, 2021

Forbes Advisor has awarded Mutual of Omaha as one of the Best Life Insurance Companies in 2021. They rated 25 large life insurance companies that sell cash value life insurance across five broad categories: cost competitiveness, pricing stability, access to cash value, historical performance, and financial strength. This award recognizes the best providers based on weighting assigned to each category.

Buying life insurance is often a long-term commitment, intended to provide and protect loved ones down the road. Finding the best product can mean navigating a range of features and pricing variables. Specifically, cash value life insurance can require a large investment of money and a long-range strategy. Consumers don’t want to make a mistake when shopping for a provider - they want a company that offers the right product features at the right price for them. Because of this, Forbes Advisor ranked life insurance companies based on their cash value products, using data provided by Veralytic. They put an emphasis on policy costs in their evaluation because internal costs determine the level of cash value and premiums.


Mutual of Omaha was chosen because of our cost competitiveness, financial strength, and notable historical performances. In addition, they listed the following two pros:

• The historical performance of invest assets underlying cash values is consistently high rated

• Low internal policy costs mean lower premiums and greater growth of cash values over time

At Mutual of Omaha, we exist for our customers. We respect and listen to them and are here to provide them with customized financial solutions and excellent customer service. We offer affordable, straightforward products and services that are designed to meet consumers’ needs and help them achieve their financial goals.

This is an award that we are honored to receive, as it reinforces Mutual of Omaha’s reputation as a company that is trusted and respected by our clients.

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